APT M133CN Rivet Buster | 11″ Stroke | Pistol Grip


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The APT Model 133 Rivet Buster, also known as the Jumbo Rivet Buster, was initially designed for removing rivets from metal structures. This tool has gained a reputation for being a robust and powerful machine capable of carrying out medium to heavy-duty demolition tasks. The Rivet Buster series, with its high impact energy to weight ratio, is the most efficient tool range produced by APT, weighing only half as much as 60 lb class paving breakers. The Model 133 meets the weight requirements for bridge deck repair work and is also popular for cutting up underground tanks.

Features of this tool include a closed nose cylinder that securely holds the piston, providing an extra layer of safety. It also features a traditional retainer system, an 11″ stroke, and pistol grip handle. The Rivet Buster uses Jumbo extra heavy-duty tool steel, and its cylinder is made of deep case-hardened alloy steel. The upper and lower sleeves are heavy-duty, and it has an adjustable exhaust deflector and a Teflon throttle valve.

Weight 34 lbs


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